About Optimity

A new way of supply chain planning

Optimity a new kind of planning tool – one that finds the most profitable plan. It’s easy-to-use, but powerful. It unifies the business and drives growth and success through the power of true supply chain optimization technology.
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Handle any challenge

All businesses and industries are different, but there’s one thing that’s true of all supply chain planning – the complexity is vast. Optimity was built from the ground up to consider any and every constraint in a dynamic supply chain, and identify the plan that will most benefit the overall business.

The Optimity Application

The Optimity software application is a suite of supply chain planning software modules that can work independently or seamlessly together from a single dashboard.
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Our Story

The right time, the right people, the right technology

That team is still in the business – Lars Gimbringer,  drives the software side of the business, Christer Liden is a key business strategist, and Andreas Klahr continues to be an Optimity technical guru.
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Optimity has helped businesses in countries around the globe achieve unprecedented control and visibility of their planning through the power of true supply chain optimization. Today Optimity has successful offices in Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Singapore and the United States.
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What's involved?

We are the first to admit that Optimity isn’t right for every business, and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile with clients to ensure it really is the right technology for you. We work closely with key stakeholders during an investigative phase, and offer a uniquely agile prototyping phase that gives you the chance to try before you buy, and no matter what your decision, you take-away tangible commercial intelligence about opportunities and challenges in your business.
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