Leadership Team


Optimity’s tightly-aligned global leadership team is a showcase of business and technology specialists who are not only experts in their field, but passionate about what they do.





Christer Liden

Christer was one of the founding Optimity team. His expertise in supply chain business makes him a key driver in strategic direction. He is a recognized expert in Integrated Business Planning and Supply Chain Optimization.

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Erik Sandberg
Managing Director
Optimity Europe

As managing director of Optimity Europe, Erik is a driver of innovation and change. He has years of leadership experience in global roles, in the supply chain management and planning sector.

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Niklas Andersson
Managing Director
Optimity Asia

Niklas has 20 years of experience of working with planning solutions throughout Europe and Asia Pacific, across a range of industries, and with a particular focus on Food & Beverage.

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Jason Levick
Managing Director
Optimity Australia

Jason is a highly regarded professional in the Australian supply chain arena. With over 20 years experience across range of industries,  Jason posesses an extensive understanding of challenges and pressures faced by businesses in the region.

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James Feeney
Managing Director
Optimity NZ

James draws on over 20 years global strategic, supply chain and supply chain planning experience across a range of industries. James is a specialist in food and beverage, with a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by different verticals.

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Lars Gimbringer
Managing Director
Optimity R&D

Optimity’s chief architect, Lars continues to drive the direction of the business, ensuring that it continues to meet our vision of bringing the power of supply chain optimization to business in an easy-to-use application.

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Andreas Klahr
Technical Director
Optimity R&D

As one of the founders of Optimity, Andreas continues to this day to bring his strong blend of business and technical prowess to the application.

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Mattias Ahlstrom
Managing Partner
Optimity Europe

With 15 years Supply Chain experience across a range of industries within the ERP sector, Mattias was one of the first members of Optimity in Europe. He focuses on design & optimization of complex supply chain networks mainly in the food and distribution sector.

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Tomas Wennerstein
Managing Partner
Optimity Europe

Responsible for the consulting organization at Optimity, Tomas brings many years’ experience leading Supply Chain Management initiatives in global companies, across a range of B2B and B2C industries.

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Johan Ekberg
Managing Partner
Optimity Europe

Johan is one of the founders of Optimity Europe back in 2010. Prior to the Optimity adventure he worked with Supply Chain Management for 15+ years in various types of industries.

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Claes Brunger
Managing Partner
Optimity Asia

Claes brings tremendous value to customers by very quickly understanding their requirements and recommending solutions that greatly exceed expectations. Claes always works with a “everything is possible” attitude.

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Stephen Forrest
Managing Partner
Optimity Australia

Stephen is a senior contributor to the APAC team. With a strong blend of technical and business skills he is highly sought after by both clients and the Optimity R&D team.

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