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Optimity Webinar Digital S&OP at times of unrest

Why a digital S&OP process should be your top priority

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, manufacturers and distributors face demand and supply chain uncertainty on a scale never previously experienced. Here's why digitalizing your S&OP process should be a top priority.

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Calendar & Clock - The importance of Planning horizons

The importance of planning horizons and review meetings

Planning horizons & review meetings and why they matter in Supply Chain Planning. This post gives guidelines on how to define your planning horizons and which topics to cover in your review meetings.

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Connected Supply Chain - Optimity Software

3 important steps before implementing Strategic Supply Chain Planning

One of the most common reasons organizations struggle with strategic supply chain planning initiatives, is because they don’t fully understand the present situation. Here we take a look at three key areas that must be clearly defined in order to succeed.

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Patrik Fardow - Supply Chain Effect Magazine article

By mastering logistics you can manage almost any aspect of a company

Patrik Färdow – COO of Orkla Foods Group talks about the challenges faced by consumer goods manufacturers, why speed and agility are so critical to supply chain planning, and the importance of not letting the quest for the perfect plan get in the way of timely execution.

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Sales & Operations Planning with Optimity Software

6 keys to successful strategic planning

This post takes a look at 6 key factors that will have a major impact on the success or failure of your strategic planning initiative.

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Sales & Operations Planning with Optimity Software

Are you suffering from S&OP churn?

The S&OP process should resolve most planning issues prior to the executive review, but the reality is often very different. Find out why, and how Integrated Business Planning can help you achieve your planning goals.

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Supply Chain Planning for the dairy industry - Optimity Software

Best Practice Planning for the Dairy Industry

This post takes a close look at supply chain planning in the dairy industry. Find out about best practices and how to turn the dairy industry's unique planning challenges into a competitive advantage.

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Planning for profit in the food processing industry

A well-executed Integrated Business Planning process can bring significant benefits to the food processing industry. Find out what's involved.

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2 Key Symptoms of a Broken Planning Process

Is your planning process doing what it's supposed to? This post looks at two common symptoms of a broken planning process.

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