“The improved baseline forecast accuracy offered by Optimity has given the business a real boost. Our forecast accuracy is now close to 80%. This is a huge improvement on the 35% we came from. The business now trusts the forecast and we’re all singing the same tune.”

Mattias Borén, Logistics Manager


Achieve consensus forecasting

All companies want to achieve consensus forecasting that draws intelligence from a range of sources – history, market intelligence and functional and regional teams. Optimity provides a platform where all your stakeholders can collaborate and contribute with their input, knowledge and expertise in a secure and structured environment.

Deal with the unexpected

Circumstances change, and sometimes the response has to be immediate. With Optimity, your planners are always in the driver’s seat. By detecting the outliers early, and highlighting any variances in demand and risks of shortages, your planners can act immediately to avoid any disruption to operations and/or customer service.

Improve forecast accuracy

Optimity’s demand planning solution supports every step of your demand planning process and helps you create forecasts with maximum accuracy. As improved forecast accuracy has a direct and positive impact on your production and procurement planning, your business will be much better informed when making key supply chain-related decisions.

Skip the spreadsheets

Excel has many uses, but when it comes to demand and supply chain planning – where collaboration and integration are essential – it’s simply not a good fit. To support a collaborative demand planning process, all your data needs to be in one place, secure and accessible at the right level for everyone involved.

Optimity provides a common platform that gives your company maximum planning visibility and safeguards your data quality and integrity. Configurable dashboards that update in real-time and ultra-flexible pivot tables are both built-in features that will make you forget about your spreadsheets quicker than you thought possible.

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A solution for growing companies

Optimity’s Demand Planning solution will grow along with your business. Connect to your existing PLM, ERP and CRM systems to ensure the entire company is always in sync and working from the same data. You can easily expand the planning solution footprint by adding more modules from Optimity’s supply chain suite.

Whether you’re moving away from planning in spreadsheets or looking to optimize your entire supply chain, Optimity has the solution.


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