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IBP Strategy Clinic
23 March 2020 | Stamford Plaza Melbourne

The IBP (Integrated Business Planning) Strategy Clinic is for the IBP leaders, IBP adopters and anyone IBP curious! This event, held on the 23 March 2020 at the Stamford Plaza Melbourne, is an intensive, practical 1-day gathering catering to the needs of all the IBP curious, regardless of where they are on their IBP journey. The event will feature practical “lessons learned” to re-engage maturing organisations on IBP and excite the IBP adopters.
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At this event, our very own Christer Liden and Fred Avellen will be presenting on “Planning for profit: Driving bottom-line results with IBP”. This insightful presentation, which will draw on real-world experience covers:

  • How to make sure that every planning decision is based on maximising profit
  • Ensuring that your strategic decision making relies on fact and not organisational bias
  • Using scenario modelling to continuously drive costs out of the supply chain.

Best Practice Demand Planning Summit
24-25 March | Stamford Plaza Melbourne

The Best Practice Demand Planning Summit is the ONLY event bringing together demand and supply planners across Australia. Happening this 24-25 March 2020 at the Stamford in Melbourne, this event will tackle creating a benchmark for best practice and an action plan on how to achieve it with improved forecast accuracy, more effective inventory management and a focus on delivering value to the end customer – Learn More about the event

Optimity’s ANZ Managing Director is an expert on technological enablement of planning and will facilitate a lively discussion on “Is AI the next thing for demand planning?”

Meet Christer and Fred

As the Gold Sponsors for these events, Christer Liden and Fred Avellen will both be attending both the IBP Strategy Clinic and the Demand Planning Summit, and they look forward to seeing you there. Contact us here to arrange a catch up – or reach out to them directly at their details below.

Christer Liden

Co-founder & CEO

Christer is a recognized expert in Supply Chain Optimization and Integrated Business Planning.


Fred Avellen

MD, Optimity Australia & NZ

Fred drives operational excellence for businesses with complex supply chains through streamlining, simplifying, keeping a focus on the end goal and wherever possible, using technology as an enabler.

Email : [email protected]