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Demand plans you can trust

The demand plan informs the entire supply chain. Without an accurate forecast, manufacturers inevitably end up producing too much or too little of what is needed. This can result in high inventory costs and poor service levels.

Optimity’s collaborative demand planning solution captures all your sales data and market intelligence. With superior forecast accuracy and the ability to manage every stage of the product life cycle, it’s a perfect fit for manufacturers.

Optimized stock levels

Having the right stock in the right place at the right time can be the difference between an average and a great quarter.

With dynamically optimized safety stock for every product, you can meet your service level targets at a reduced cost. And when there’s an issue, Optimity automatically proposes the best solution.

Robust production plans

Optimity models your entire manufacturing environment. Workcenter loading and line sequencing rules, wash-down and maintenance requirements, shift scheduling and changeovers – whatever your production constraints, Optimity can account for them. This means that production plans are always optimized, fully executable and open to manual adjustment if needed.

Complete supply chain visibility

What does our forecast look like? What is scheduled to be manufactured today? Are we properly stocked at all of our distribution centers? Are we prepared for the next six months? All of these questions are answered quickly and easily.

With Optimity, siloed planning and isolated decision-making become a thing of the past. With full visibility of your entire supply chain, you’re in control and can make better decisions.


“With Optimity, our delivery performance is so much better today. I cannot emphasize enough how critical this is to our business.”

Jimmy Bertilsson, Purchasing Manager


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