Newbody selects Optimity to achieve 100% service delivery goals.

Innovative clothing distribution company Newbody has selected Optimity Demand Forecaster to help achieve 100% service delivery for its non-traditional retail distribution model.

Newbody is a company that offers high quality socks and underwear to sports teams and schools for the purpose of fundraising by onselling merchandise from Newbody catalogs. With thousands of sales expected from each catalog, but each of these sales being on a small individual level, this achieving 100% service delivery goals is challenging.

Due to the non-traditional sales model and the long-lead times of large-batch quantities of merchandise from the overseas sub-contracted manufacturers Newbody required an automated intelligent solution to achieve the company’s ambitious service delivery goals.

Optimity Demand Forecaster will handle the phase-in and phase-out of available products and ensure the get the right products are shown in the regularly updated catalogs to reduce the risk of stock-outs.


Newbody helps sports teams, associations and school classes fundraise.  By selling sought-after products at a good price to people in the community, young athletes and school pupils make money in a simple and fun way. More than 300,000 groups have collaborated with Newbody since 1987 and have totalled more than 900 million Swedish Kroner. Newbody has its head office in Vastra Frolunda.