Norsk Kylling chooses Optimity to deliver Optimized Poultry Production

Optimity Supply Chain Optimzer has been selected by Norwegian chicken producer Norsk Kylling to optimize planning for its expanding business, after historically relying on excel-based planning. Optimity was selected due to its experience in the poultry sector and ability of the tool to support the ambitious growth strategy of the company.

The project consists of three phases. The first phase is achieving anatomical balance by identifying the best usage and production balance of the chicken-anatomy based on the sales forecast. Phase two will help optimize the planning and delivery of poultry from the supply side throughout the year. The final phase is related to optimizing the whole supply chain from the purchasing of the genetically appropriate fertile hatching eggs through to breeding hens through to the production of meat chickens grown for consumption.

The project is currently successfully underway and expected to complete within a few months.

Norsk Kylling

Norwegian food company located in Norway. Established in 1991 the company employs 290 people, and works with 150 manufacturers to ensure a sustainable production of quality, healthy, and safe food throughout Norway. In 2016 the turnover was 1 billion kroner.