• Easy to learn

    With its intuitive user interface, you will quickly master Optimity, and gain unprecedented control and visibility into your supply chain.

  • Highly configurable

    Tailor Optimity to your precise needs and view data from different angles at the click of a button or the drag of a mouse.

  • Be ready

    Always be ready for unplanned events, and quickly identify exceptions. Easily run what-if testing to prepare for any future.

Control and visibility

The Optimity application gives you full control and visibility of your supply chain. Configure it the way you want. Drill down to the finest level of detail. Anticipate the problems with alert-based planning and customizable exception reporting. Model your entire supply chain and run infinite simulations during the planning phase.


Cloud for flexibility and scalability

The web-based Optimity user interface means easy access and rapid deployment. Our cloud capability means flexibility and scalability, reliability and security, and you can leverage hosting options to harness extra processing power when you need it.

Application Features
Rich and complete planning functionality- in a single fully-configurable platformWeigh-up your options - with infinite what-if simulations for any part of the supply chain
Visualize the supply chain - with intuitive charts, tables and dashboardsGet up to speed quickly - with the intuitive and easy to learn user interface
Drill-down visibility - from high level view to the finest level of granularityRapidly deploy - across the organisation with web-based access
Control the way you view - fully customizable dashboard and pivot tables - by user or businessCloud capability for flexibility and scalability
View all time-frames - strategic, tactical and operational Collaborate effectively - with one view of the numbers

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