Columbus is a global IT services and consulting corporation with more than 2,000 employees serving customers worldwide. Columbus consultants are experts in designing, developing, implementing, upgrading and maintaining digital business applications that help companies succeed in the digital transformation.

Operator Systems is a leading provider of integrated standard solutions in the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) area for manufacturing companies with discrete processes. Operator MES suite is one of the most flexible operations execution solutions, it is designed to be highly configurable and be able to satisfy most customer needs. With more than 130 installations globally, they help customers stay competitive and to meet clients and regulatory ever-demanding requirements.

Australia & New Zealand


Balancing demand from customers with existing supply constraints is not always easy, especially if you don’t have the right processes and systems in place. The most successful supply chains rely on a complementary balance of perfectly optimized business processes and responsive software systems, which cater to the unique needs of the business. ComActivity has long and solid experience in assisting companies to optimize their supply chain. They focus on identifying the best solution for your company’s unique requirements.



SL Information Solutions is a leading software solutions provider focusing on the manufacturing and distribution industry in the ASEAN region.  Established since 1984, based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, SL clientele includes some of the leading enterprises in the FMCG, wholesale distribution, metal, process industry, etc.  Among the solutions supported by SL are ERP, Supply Chain Optimization, Enterprise Performance Management, and Document Management


United States

The LeanSwift Team has been delivering ERP solutions for over 20 years by improving business processes including forecast, order entry, planning, reporting, finance, analysis etc. Many solutions include integrations between systems.