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Next-generation Production Scheduler launched

Optimity has announced the general availability launch of the next-generation version of their Production Scheduler. Delivering even faster and easier-to-use capabilities, the Optimity Production Scheduler delivers click-of-a-button scheduling changes and drag-and-drop functionality.

Lars Gimbringer, CEO of Optimity R&D, says “We are thrilled with this latest version of the Optimity Production Scheduler. As we implement this at customer sites, we are already hearing great things about the ease-of-use and the direct business benefits like better service levels, lower inventory and higher resource utilization” Lars continues “Marrying up planning and scheduling is the holy grail for planners, and in contrast to traditional planning, the tool enables 100% seamless planning processes where all decisions flow without delays”

The Optimity Production Scheduler runs easily from any browser, and can run stand-alone, or as a seamless part of the Optimity Supply Chain Optimization suite of modules. Under the hood, the software combines the best from leading optimization techniques like LP, MIP, CP programming and proprietary metaheuristics.

The latest version Optimity Production Scheduler was released on April 2, 2019, available globally, and has been operating on beta sites since September 2018.

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Lars Gimbringer

Lars Gimbringer

Co-founder & Managing Director R&D

Optimity’s chief architect, Lars drives the direction of the business, ensuring that it meets our vision of bringing the power of supply chain optimization to our customers in an easy-to-use application.