whitepaper Demand Planning & Machine Learning Optimity Software

Supply Chain Optimization - it's not magic, it's mathematics

This whitepaper uses common planning scenarios to explain how supply chain optimization technology works and why companies looking to streamline operations and maximize profits should consider switching.

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whitepaper Sales & Operations Planning with Optimity Software

What is Integrated Business Planning and why is it better than S&OP?

This whitepaper describes the differences between S&OP and IBP and highlights the essential factors for successful IBP execution. It is a must-read for supply chain business leaders seeking to improve overall profitability.

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whitepaper Inventory Optimization - Optimity Software

Setting the Optimal Safety Stock

Learn how to maximize the impact of your inventory investment and how optimization technology can help you determine optimal safety stock levels.

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whitepaper Cattle in field - Supply Chain Planning for the Meat Industry - Optimity Software

How to Improve Profit Margins in the Meat Industry with Supply Chain Technology

To achieve both growth and profitability, meat producers must accelerate the implementation of supply chain planning technology. This whitepaper explains how adopters benefit from plans that optimize the balancing and yield of each carcass.

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whitepaper Supply Chain Planning for the food & beverage - Optimity Software-Bakery

Whitepaper: Planning for Profit in the Food Processing Industry

Food Processing industries such as seafood, dairy and meat face specific challenges – where a single input not only needs to generate multiple outputs of differing value – but must also be used in its entirety. The paper talks about the best ways to plan for profit in the Food Processing industry.  

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