"In Optimity, we found a solution that actually drives S&OP improvement. It gives us the power to apply supply chain optimization techniques to ensure that S&OP planning is continuously supporting our short and long term business objectives."

Ron Hurley, National Planning Manager

One process, one system

Get the most out of your S&OP process by integrating supply, demand, product and operational planning into one seamless process, enabled by one system.

With a single source of information and only one set of plans, S&OP becomes more transparent and efficient. Configurable dashboards and views ensure that each user has easy access to the information they need to contribute.

Optimized S&OP

With Sales & Operations Planner you are not just reconciling demand and supply plans – you are optimizing them for maximum profit.

Because Optimity takes your business constraints into account, your starting point for the S&OP cycle is an already feasible and pre-optimized plan. Another benefit is that your bottlenecks are immediately visible, allowing the S&OP discussions to focus on these areas.

Demand collaboration

Efficient demand collaboration is a must for successful sales and operations planning. With forecasting that automatically factors in trends and seasonality, and specialist functionality for managing and evaluating events and promotions, Optimity Sales & Operations Planner provides everything you need. Forecasts can be easily aggregated to support network capacity plans and budgets, or similarly broken down to drive the more granular plans.

Instant "what-if?” analysis

Every S&OP cycle throws up a lot of questions that need to be answered. Sales & Operations Planner provides you with powerful simulation capabilities to objectively evaluate competing scenarios, without causing delay. Any exceptions and issues are automatically flagged, allowing your users to quickly hone in on critical constraints and uncover opportunities for growth and cost savings.

The backbone of your S&OP

  • Continuous alignment and synchronization

    Continously create the plan, refine the plan and execute the plan to support operational, tactical and strategic objectives. A new approach to optimizing sales & operations planning.

  • The new power behind S&OP

    Get the most out of your S&OP process and lift your effectiviness by integrating product, demand, operations and supply planning into one integrated process enabled by one integrated system.

  • One-consensus S&OP plan

    Integrate improved statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning with your sales & operations planning to achieve a consensus forecast that is constrained and optimized across your supply chain.

Sales & Operations Planner Features

A single, common view of the businessIntegrate all levels of the planning cycle
Support S&OP by integrating all demand and supply in one optimization modelOne Plan. One set of numbers. Visible to all members of the S&OP team
Collaborative forecasting automatically factors in trends and seasonalityManage Events and Promotions to view their feasibility and profitability
Aggregate forecasts to support strategic & network capacity plans & budgetsSeamless supply chain integration & drill down to required level of detail
Support exception-based management, honing in on constraints & opportunitiesCreate views and dashboards uniquely configured for each user and area of business focus
Restrict user access to authorized data and activitiesIntegrate rough cut and constrained production plans and schedules
Utilize both sales and volume numbers across planning horizonsLeverage S&OP to ‘Plan for Profit’

Download the White Paper - Integrated Business Planning

What is Integrated Business Planning and why is it better than S&OP?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the business-focused, strategic evolution of S&OP that will bring serious benefits to the business – especially the bottom line.

Read the White Paper, learn about Integrated Business Planning and the essential factors for successful execution.

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Getting started with Optimity is easy

Optimity software is offered on an annual subscription basis and can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise. You can easily expand the planning solution footprint by adding more modules from our supply chain suite.

Whether you’re moving away from planning in spreadsheets, or looking to optimize your entire supply chain, Optimity has the solution.


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