Collaborative demand planning

Demand planning drives your entire supply chain so needs to be as accurate as possible.

By automatically retrieving and analyzing data from a vast range of inputs – history, the market, regional and functional teams whilst enabling effective collaboration with all your stakeholders, Optimity will deliver accurate and current consensus forecasting, agreed to by everyone.

With Optimity, you can dynamically monitor and manage your demand planning. You will be able to quickly identify and respond to unexpected market changes, effectively plan and analyse promotions, and differentiate forecasting across your different customer streams – and product groups and subgroups.

In a volatile market with fluctuating demand, Optimity will provide current and reliable plans that mean your organization can continuously adapt.

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Demand Planning with Optimity

  • Statistical forecasting

    Predict the future by automatically identifying trends, patterns and business drivers from your data to develop an accurate forecast.

  • Collaborative demand planning

    Enable easy exchange of current information with your internal and external business partners.

  • Sales and operations planning

    Optimity integrates statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning, to provide a backbone for sales and operations planning.

Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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