Closing the gap between planning and execution

Quality production planning presents enormous challenges. You need the right quantity and mix of products at the right time, balancing resource and facility utilization, with customer service levels. You need to factor in a complex range of constraints, as well as dealing variable lead times, and handling promotions. All  while ensuring synchronization with overall business objectives.

With Optimity you will have a clear view of the end-to-end supply chain, and l be alerted to issues before they arise, a so that you can solve challenges during the planning phase. Run what-if-simulations to gauge the feasibility of different production scenarios.

You will be able to synchronise all your production plans and schedules with your sales & operations planning, meaning you can continuously track execution against the signed off plan to capture and act on deviations early.

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Production Planning with Optimity

  • Avoid the bottlenecks

    Optimize your production lines, resources and facilities to ensure you maximise capacity and products flow through at the right rate.

  • End-to-end visibility

    View your end-to-end supply chain and be alerted to exceptions and deviations before they occur to solve challenges before production.

  • Handle the complexity

    Factor in all the constraints, deviations, and variability of supply and demand to identify the optimal plan, continously.

Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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