The backbone for S&OP

Successful S&OP planning means an agile ‘one-business’ approach that delivers ongoing competitiveness and improved overall profit. With Optimity you will give your business the tool it needs to align multiple teams, focus the business towards a common strategy, and ensure synchronization of all parts of the business.

The sales and operations plan needs to incorporate the current sales plan, production plan, inventory plan, customer commitment, new product development plan and the resulting financial plan.

With Optimity, everyone works from the same set of information, and plans that are optimized for business profit. You can continuously evaluate trade-offs of service and cost, and synchronize sourcing and distribution to ensure that all areas of the business are working in support of overall business

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Enhanced S&OP with Optimity

  • Complete Visibility

    Optimity gives all teams a clear and common view of the supply chain.

  • Complete Demand Forecast

    Integrate improved statistical forecasting and collaborative demand planning with your sales & operations planning to achieve a consensus forecast that is agreed to by everyone.

  • Complete Supply Chain Plan

    Make sure that all plans are best for business – supporting your strategy across all time frames, considering all constraints.

Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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