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Optimization – the smarter way to plan

Supply chain optimization is fundamentally different to traditional planning methods like MRP.

Optimity’s optimization software uses advanced mathematical algorithms to synchronize your entire supply chain and maximize its overall performance. The resulting plans are of a much higher quality as the software takes into account your business’s real-life operational and financial constraints.

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Solving the planning puzzle

Optimity provides both the intelligence and muscle needed to solve the most challenging supply chain problems in a matter of seconds.

The optimization software maintains a “Digital Twin” – a detailed model of your supply chain that captures your business’s rules and constraints. Working from the digital twin, Optimity’s optimization engine can determine the most profitable way to meet demand.

Supply chain optimization is fundamentally different to MRP and offers a business-focused approach to planning

Focus on your goals

Supply chain optimization software lets you align your plans to your overall business objectives.

Because Optimity takes all your revenues, costs, business rules and operational constraints into account, the system can automatically balance your revenue and customer service targets with your profitability goals. This provides objectivity and supports cross-functional planning and communication.

Demand Planning & Machine Learning Optimity Software
Optimity’s powerful modelling and mathematical optimization capabilities ensure an optimal balance between customer service and operational performance.
Digital Twin - Supply Chain Planning - Optimity

The Digital Twin

Optimization algorithms need a framework to deliver plans and decision support.

Optimity maintains a digital representation of your chain. This “Digital Twin” gives the algorithms real-time access to every business rule, operational constraint and cost. Thus, every time an algorithm goes to work, it is fully informed about its objective, what it can and can’t do, and its costs.

Simulate different scenarios

Supply chain management is about making trade-offs. Optimity lets you simulate multiple business scenarios and quickly evaluate the impact of your plans from a financial, customer and operational perspective.

Simulation can significantly improve your decision making and is one of the main reasons companies using optimization software consider planning a strategic business function.


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Why Supply Chain Optimization is better than MRP

Plan for profit

Create feasible plans that maximize your profits while meeting your customer service targets.

High-quality plans

Supply chain optimization software considers all your business rules, costs and constraints, producing high-quality plans that are ready to be executed.

Increased planner productivity

Planners are alerted in real-time to supply chain issues and can drill down to the root cause of the problem. Then, make a manual adjustment or let the system do the work.

Improved visibility

Supply chain optimization lets you increase your planning horizon as well as the quality of your plans. Spot potential supply chain issues before they become real problems.

Shorter planning cycles

The ability to generate optimized supply chain plans in minutes means shorter planning cycles and the ability to re-plan when required.

Simulate multiple scenarios

Simulate scenarios to better understand risks and opportunities. You can also find out the impact of important business decisions before you commit.


The intuitive, graphical, and highly responsive interface allows planners to focus on what matters most.

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