Profit optimization

Optimity Supply Chain Optimizer creates fully optimized plans for your entire supply chain – including purchasing, production, distribution and customer commitments. Because all costs and constraints are considered simultaneously, your plans are guaranteed to be feasible and optimized to deliver maximum profit for the business.

The 'digital twin'

Supply Chain Optimizer lets you create a detailed model of your entire supply chain – a “digital twin”. With all your critical business data, rules, costs, and constraints captured in a single model, Supply Chain Optimizer can look at demand and calculate the most profitable supply plan overall.

Real-time monitoring and optimization

Continuously monitor your entire supply chain and pick up on any issues as soon as they happen. The intuitive dashboard highlights the impact of variations in demand, material availability or capacity, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

"What-if?" simulation

Understand the impact of every decision before you commit. With Optimity you can simulate the outcome of any planned changes, whether at the day-to-day operational level or the more strategic. Test an unlimited number of scenarios to identify the best course of action – every time.

Features & Functions

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Sales and Operations Planning

Identify the maximum-profit supply planVisualize the plan across the enterprise using role-based access
Validate and optimize the demand plan (seamless integration with Demand Forecaster) Drive consensus - agree to one set of numbers
Set rules and priorities for customer types and product categoriesIdentify opportunities for increased sales in case of surplus capacity
Find the optimal balance between customer service, inventory levels and resource utilizationCompare actuals vs. plan – “how well did we execute?”

Purchase Planning

Purchase plan is automatically synchronized with rest of the supply chain for maximum profitConsider minimum and maximum utilization by supplier or product
Apply detailed sourcing rulesConsider volume discounts and break points to ensure lowest total cost plan
Select the best alternative suppliers and materialsUse time fences to firm up the purchase plan

Production Planning

Identify the maximum-profit production plan Consider minimum batch size constraints
Quickly spot issues with the plan and find the optimal resolutionEnsure min/max utilization requirements by production resource are met
Manage disaggregation and V-shaped processes (meat, timber, steel, dairy, fisheries etc.)Balance change-over times against due dates
Define product mix constraintsUse time fences to firm up the production plan

Distribution Planning

Optimize the entire distribution network (internal & external)Ensure optimal mix of own fleet and 3rd Party
Redistribute excess stock between warehouses to balance out shortagesConsider min/max loads for containers and trucks
Synchronize distribution with supply constraints and “push” planningUse time fences to firm up the distribution plan

Allocation and Promise Management

Available-to-Promise and Capable-to-Promise Explore alternative sources of supply in case of shortages
Ensure customer commitments reflect business rules and prioritiesFind the best possible delivery date before committing to the customer
Flag potential delivery issues in advanceBalance profit objectives with any business rules for the customer and product


Getting started with Optimity is easy

Optimity software is offered on an annual subscription basis and can be deployed in the Cloud or on premise. You can easily expand the planning solution footprint by adding more modules from our supply chain suite.

Whether you’re moving away from planning in spreadsheets, or looking to optimize your entire supply chain, Optimity has the solution.


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