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Posted on: 29 May 2017

We are the first to admit that Optimity isn’t right for every business. This is why we work closely with all our customers before they make any investment decisions, to determine if our solution is a good fit and will bring value.

At Optimity we offer you and your key stakeholders a uniquely focused and agile prototyping phase that gives you the chance to try before you buy. No matter what you decide, you will take away tangible commercial intelligence about opportunities and challenges in your business.

The Typical Journey

When considering Optimity, you will go through a clearly-defined and educational process with us.

The typical journey steps you through an initial introduction to Optimity; a two-way discovery about the match between your business and Optimity; and finally a zero-risk ‘try-before-you-buy’ opportunity to test the tool whilst gaining invaluable business insight.

Step 1 – Webinar

First of all, this gives an introduction to Optimity.  Usually with just one or two people from your business and the webinar is customized to suit your needs. We can give a high-level view of the tool, or go further in depth to explore and demonstrate specific functionality. We will also want to learn more about your business and objectives during this meeting.

  • Introduce us to your business
  • Learn about us and our tool
  • Why Optimization

Step 2 – Investigative Collaboration

A more in-depth collaboration phase which usually involves more stake-holders from your business. The goal of this phase is  “mutual discovery” so you’ll learn more about Optimity and how we’ve helped businesses similar to yours. But it also gives you the chance to determine if Optimity looks right for you. We will also be honest with you if we feel Optimity is not the tool for your business. Sometimes for example, businesses who don’t have complex processes, Optimity just will not be the right match – and we will tell you this.

  • Broaden the audience
  • Educate us about your business
  • Confirm the match

Step 3 – Agile Prototype – Try for yourself

At this stage, you probably have a good idea of the benefits that Optimity will bring your business, but it makes good business sense to get concrete proof of this in a no-risk way before either deciding to proceed across the enterprise, or building a business case to take to the board.

This is a chance for your team to be able to work with the solution and get a true look and feel with how it works. The no-risk, low-cost prototype is highly-focused on a small segment of your business, modelling the supply chain for that segment, and using real data. It delivers guaranteed intelligence and understanding about your business.

  • Focus on a segment of the business
  • Customised, agile approach
  • Zero-risk, guaranteed tangible outcomes

Step 4 – Evaluate the prototype

After completing the prototype, you can start to evaluate the outcome.

  • Current VS Potential future – Compare current with possible. Use this to shine a spotlight on areas of potential strength and existing weakness.
  • Improvement Potential – Gain specific intelligence about improvement potential in that segment of the business.
  • Business Challenges – Expose weaknesses and challenges in this segment of the business, like specific supply chain constraints and challenges.
  • Business Case – Build an evidence-based business case to support a decision to move forward.

Step 5 – You decide

By now you are armed with a comprehensive understanding of Optimity, you have a detailed demonstration of the ROI – both in terms of speed and value, and you are in a fully-informed position to decide whether to proceed with Optimity or not. Even if you decide not to proceed, you walk away with solid intelligence about your business, and a heightened understanding of planning tools in general.

While the journey may vary from business to business, what doesn’t change is the fact that its a process of education. It’s an opportunity to educate yourself further about your business potential and challenges, and to see what a state-of-the-art planning process would look like in your business.

Want to know more about Optimity?

Get in touch, we’d love to show you what Optimity can do.

Tomas Wennerstein

Tomas Wennerstein

Managing Partner, Optimity Europe

Tomas is responsible for the consulting organization at Optimity. He brings many years’ experience leading Supply Chain Management initiatives in global companies.


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