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Demand Planning & Forecasting

It all begins with an accurate forecast

Great demand plans are driven by data and business intelligence, not guesswork and gut feel

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Demand plans you can trust

Optimity’s Demand Planning software provides everything you need to create accurate demand plans, ensuring that your supply chain performs predictably and profitably.

The solution combines powerful statistical forecasting techniques with smart, intuitive collaboration tools and insightful analytics.

Intelligent prediction

Optimity eliminates the heavy lifting from your demand planning process. The software quickly analyzes your historical sales and consumption data, identifying trends, seasonality, outliers, and intermittent demand. Using Intelligent Prediction, Optimity automatically selects the best forecasting algorithm for each SKU.

Full flexibility and configurability are provided for the users. Planners can change algorithms and adjust historical data to fine-tune the statistical forecast at any point in time.

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Get aligned with consensus forecasting

Optimity’s collaborative platform allows your team to refine the demand plan through manual adjustments and overrides.

Promotions and events, competitive intelligence, or perhaps a known supplier issue – all this and more can be incorporated into the demand plan for maximum accuracy. Every change or workflow approval/rejection is logged and made visible in real-time through the collaboration dashboard as you move towards a final consensus forecast.

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Test and compare scenarios

Ever wondered what impact a new retailer contract or sales channel would have on your business? Or what different price points would mean to sales volumes and gross profit?

With Optimity’s demand forecasting tool you can quickly find the answers by running “What-if?” scenarios to test and compare the expected outcomes.

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Any level, any horizon

Optimity gives you complete flexibility to model product and forecast data. Flexible attributes can be used to analyze, filter and make changes to your forecasts at any level – top-down, bottom-up and middle-out, ensuring the integrity of the data.

You can quickly detect and adjust trends and seasonal patterns. You can also work simultaneously with multiple planning horizons and planning buckets daily/weekly/monthly/etc. With Optimity you will never be short of options to represent the demand for your products.

Demand Planning Screen Optimity Software

Advanced promotion management

Optimity offers powerful planning functionality for sales promotions, product introductions, phase-ins, and phase-outs. This ensures that your forecast is as accurate as possible before being released for stakeholder review and sign-off.

Using machine learning, the software analyzes the outcome of historical events and evolves the plan over time. This built-in intelligence greatly improves forecast accuracy, helping to minimize surplus inventory and determine the optimal product mix. A promotion dashboard ensures that you remain in control throughout the full lifecycle of the activity.

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Understanding your demand

The Demand Forecaster interface is intuitive and ultra-flexible. Dashboards can easily be configured and pivot table functionality allows instant access to data in every form. The ability to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions about your demand is virtually unlimited.

You can quickly compare both baseline and adjusted forecasts with actual demand to detect areas in need of attention. The tool highlights exceptions and exposes underlying trend, seasonal and cyclical demand patterns to make life easier for your planners.

Demand Dashboard Optimity Software Screen

Solution features

Intelligent prediction identifies the best forecasting algorithm
Product phase-in/out and supersession management
Machine Learning for external data processing
Advanced promotion planning
Detection of trends, shifting demand, and seasonality
Workflows for collaborative forecasting and approvals
Exception-based planning
Intuitive, user-configurable dashboards
Seamless integration to S&OP
Slice-and-dice analysis of forecast data
Outlier, intermittent, and abnormal demand detection
Forecast confidence bands calculation
Easy integration to your existing systems and data sources
Forecast adjustments at any level (top-down, bottom-up, middle-out)

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