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A smarter way to plan

Optimity uses a combination of Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning technologies to accurately describe, predict and solve the challenges of supply chain planning.

The solution harnesses these powerful technologies to optimize your supply chain planning and provide valuable business insight.


AI, Optimization & Machine Learning at Optimity Software
Optimization and Machine Learning underpins everything we do at Optimity. The technologies work behind the scenes to create plans that maximize your overall profits and customer service.
Machine Learning & Optimization in Supply Chain Planning - Optimity Software

Machine Learning – the power to predict

Optimity uses Machine Learning to continuously train and refine your supply chain model. It detects and quantifies cause-and-effect relationships hidden in your data and translates them into information the planning tool can understand and use. The result is a deeper insight into the future, better forecasting and less supply chain disruption.


Optimization – solving the planning puzzle

Mathematical optimization provides the intelligence and muscle needed to make the best planning decisions. Optimity uses a detailed model of your supply chain – the “Digital Twin”, that’s based on your business’ particular rules and constraints. Working from the digital twin, optimization solvers determine the most profitable way to meet demand. Even the most complex problems can be solved in a matter of seconds.

Demand Planning & Machine Learning Optimity Software
With connected machines, machine learning, and mathematical optimization, you can reduce production downtime and plan necessary maintenance to avoid disruption.

The Digital Twin

Optimization algorithms need a framework to deliver optimized plans and reliable decision support.

Optimity maintains a digital representation of the complete supply chain. This “Digital Twin” gives the algorithms real-time access to every business rule, operational constraint and cost. Every time an algorithm goes to work, it is fully informed about its objective, what it can and can’t do, and its costs.

The Digital Twin also allows your planners to simulate different supply chain scenarios. This is very powerful and helps to improve decision making.

Digital Twin - Supply Chain Planning - Optimity

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