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Inventory Optimization - Optimity Software

Customer case: Solving common inventory problems

Are you tired of stockouts, late deliveries and people running around chasing backorders? This post looks at a company that used Optimity's automated inventory classification and safety stock optimization solutions to turn the corner.

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Optimity Software- Optimizing logistics

How to optimize inbound logistics

A carefully-managed inbound logistics network is crucial to a smooth-running supply chain. Without a reliable flow of incoming goods, both customers and operations will suffer. Read how an Australian grocery importer optimized its inbound logistics.

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Distribution Planning Warehouse - Optimity Software

Inventory redistribution – when does it make sense?

Inventory redistribution can improve both margins and customer service, but only if used properly. Here we take a closer look at Inventory Optimization, and why this technology offers a superior alternative to traditional DRP.

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Patrik Fardow - Supply Chain Effect Magazine article

By mastering logistics you can manage almost any aspect of a company

Patrik Färdow – COO of Orkla Foods Group talks about the challenges faced by consumer goods manufacturers, why speed and agility are so critical to supply chain planning, and the importance of not letting the quest for the perfect plan get in the way of timely execution.

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