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Optimized end-to-end planning

A well-synchronized supply chain is more important than any operational area on its own. This is particularly true in food and beverage.

With Optimity, siloed planning and isolated decision making will soon be a thing of the past. With complete visibility of your entire supply chain, and with the knowledge that your plans are fully optimized to maximize overall profit, it is much easier to make good business decisions.

Maximize delivery performance AND profit

A dip in delivery performance can quickly turn a great customer into a lost customer. But when you’re dealing with small profit margins and limited shelf-life products, inventory has to be kept as lean and fresh as possible.

With Optimity you don’t have to choose between delivery performance and profitability. Simply set your target service levels and let the system find the most profitable way to deliver.

Demand planning and forecast accuracy

Demand management is one of the most challenging planning areas for food and beverage companies.

Optimity lets you plan your entire product portfolio, across every location and sales channel. Aggregate and disaggregate the demand plan on the fly, and make changes at any level. The system automatically detects seasonal variations and other complex demand patterns, leaving you with more time to collaborate with your customers, suppliers and colleagues on sales promotions and new product introductions.

Multi-echelon inventory planning

Optimity provides complete, multi-echelon inventory planning that helps your planners to determine the optimal safety and cycle stock levels for each SKU at every location. It will also inform them of any projected shortages, expiry issues and signal when warehouse re-allocations are justified.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Successful food and beverage companies rely on a well-functioning S&OP or Integrated Business Planning process to balance supply and demand, and to ensure key business goals are met.

With Optimity you are not just reconciling demand and supply plans – you are optimizing them for maximum profit. When you’re working with a holistic view and one set of plans, S&OP becomes more efficient, effective and strategic.

“The speed at which optimized plans and scenarios can be generated is invaluable. It’s a real decision support tool and so fundamentally different from our old Excel approach.”

David Colburt, Planning Manager


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