“With Optimity, we can not only serve our customers better with less stock, but we can also plan our sourcing to get better prices and avoid expensive spot market purchases.”

J. Friberg, Logistics Manager

Inventory optimizer features

Account for profit margin and impact from lost sales as opposed to just costs for holding inventoryIdentify optimal service levels for all products
Integrate with your ERP so you can compare current versus optimal settings and allow update of ERPConsider cash constraints
Establish order parameters - such as optimal safety stock and replenishment frequency for each product in each locationHighlight alerts and exceptions on aggregated level and easily drill down to details
Consider seasonal variations to calculate optimal time phased safety stocks throughout the yearRun what-if simulations and alternative scenarios

Download the White Paper - Setting the Optimal Safety Stock

Setting the right safety stock is of critical importance.
It’s the buffer that ensures you can manage the fluctuations in demand and supply. You want to find the optimal mix so that you can ensure excellent service levels, but at the same time not tie-up capital in surplus stock.
Read the white paper and learn how you find the right balance.
Download the White Paper now >>

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