Just launched – Production Workbench

Posted on: 8 March 2022

Optimity announced today the general availability of Production Workbench. The new tool, developed closely with our customers, greatly simplifies the day-to-day management of optimized production plans.

“The situation on the factory floor is always changing,” says Lars Gimbringer, Optimity CTO. “Production Workbench allows planners to be more responsive and better manage their plans. For example, capacity issues, product shortages, min/max inventory violations, or expiry date issues are immediately visible in the tool. The planner can then decide whether to make a manual adjustment or re-optimize the plan.”

The new workbench allows planners to manually add and adjust production order quantities, timings and statuses. And, because resource loads, inventory projections, and delivery capabilities are updated automatically, planners can easily see the impact of their changes.

Production Workbench is fully integrated with Optimity’s supply chain optimization solution. Lars explains the importance; “Without this link, an already optimized plan risks becoming eroded by manual intervention. Instead, our customers can enjoy the best of both worlds – first-class optimization and complete flexibility and control.”

Production Workbench benefits:

  • Increases planner productivity
  • Simplifies the day-to-day management of the production plan
  • Allows planners to add and adjust production orders manually
  • Provides comparable what-if simulations
  • Ensures production plan integrity (integral to Optimity’s supply chain optimization solution)

If you’d like to learn more about Production Workbench or see it in action. Get in touch, we’d be happy to give you a demo.

Mark Walker

Mark Walker

Managing Director, North America

Mark is passionate about delivering real business value. He is highly skilled at cutting through complexity to help our customers evolve their businesses, processes and people for greater success.


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