One model, one set of data, one goal: maximise profit

With Optimity, everyone operates off one model, one set of data, with one ultimate goal – maximizing profits.  The model is holistic (sales, distribution, production, sourcing and finance) and it is fully integrated. Any change made by any aspect of the supply chain will be considered from all aspects.

The ability to address issues in a timely way enables the supply chain teams to operate in an efficient way instead of constant ‘firefighting’.

Using Optimity, you will reduce/eliminate fire sales,  avoid misguided short-term decisions (resulting in sub-optimal decisions), and ensure that promotions will maximize positive impact on the bottom line. You will clearly understand where there are surpluses and shortages – in a lead-time which can more cost-effectively be avoided or minimized.

Optimity will enable you to ‘plan to maximize profit’ – not simply meet sales or volume parameters – finding the right combination of push and pull whilst optimizing product mix.

Want to be able to plan for profit, but think your business is too complex?
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Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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