Plan for profit

Not many planning solutions utilize the power of true supply chain optimization and only Optimity is designed from its very concept to give companies the ability to plan from a business-profit perspective.

With Optimity you will produce the right products in the right quantities for the right customers, improve your resource utilization, and set the best inventory levels. You will respond to unexpected events, and run the right promotions, and predict demand with statistical accuracy. Optimity helps you remove the organizational silos, improve collaboration with your internal teams and external network.

Create the plan, refine the plan, execute the plan

Plan across all time frames – operational, tactical and strategic, at all levels of granularity. Consider every rule and constraint. Close the gap between planning and execution – testing scenarios till the last moment.

Supply chains are dynamic, highly complex. With Optimity you will have unprecedented control and visibility over a fully connected supply chain. And everything will be in support of overall business profit and strategy.



Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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