True Supply Chain Optimization

It’s all about being able to quickly identify the absolute best solution to any planning challenge, across any time frame, whilst factoring in all the interdependent constraints and complexities. It means not just being limited to rules-based decision-making (“if this, then that”) and the reliance on outmoded supply chain planning methodologies.

True supply chain optimization is ‘global’ – no section of business operates in isolation – and considers complex interdependence of constraints and business rules across the business. It will handle thousands of constraints, and prioritize decisions (which customers to serve, which products to focus on) from a whole-of-business perspective.

From a technical perspective, this requires crunching the numbers for many thousands of variables and constraints – relying on a whole range of sophisticated mathematical techniques. Whilst the theory to achieve this has existed for years, historically the computer technology just did not have the capacity, and imposed strict limitations on the size of the problem to be solved.

Optimity’s Profit-based Optimization

However, in recent times 64-bit architecture has dramatically increased the size of solvable supply chain planning problems.  Authentic supply chain optimization draws from a myriad of optimization technologies to continuously process and factor in all the constraints and business rules, for any time frame, at any level of granularity and mix.

With Optimity supply chain optimization you can comprehensively model your entire supply chain-in-action, and quickly identify the absolute best, most profitable plan every time.

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Optimity Supply Chain Optimization

  • Total-profit optimization

    Optimity’s profit-based logic means your decision making will always be from a total-business-profit perspective.

  • Global optimization

    True supply chain optimization is global and takes in the bigger picture – it doesn’t isolate problem solving to business silos – to yield the best financial opportunities

  • Continuously synchronized

    With Optimity, you can model your entire supply chain in action, quickly identify points of risk, and run what-if scenarios to test different decisions in a matter of minutes.