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Software Modules

A suite of modules that work seamlessly together or independently to suit your precise supply chain planning requirements.

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Test Drive a Prototype

Optimity delivers great ROI. We believe in it so much that we will work with you to run a minimum-cost prototype on a small section of your business. Gain valuable intelligence about your organization and then decide if it’s right for you

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ERP Integration

Standard integration to all major ERPs as well as custom integration to many others, including in-house platforms.

Insights / News

1 Oct 2015

Best Practice Planning for the Dairy Industry

Supply chain planning is always complex, but the dairy industry poses a unique set of challenges - single input...

White Paper: Setting the Optimal Safety Stock

Finding the balance between customer service level and the cost of that service level.

12 Aug 2016

New Customer – Malaysian Mosaics

Optimity's Asian office is delighted to announce that Malaysian Mosaics have decided to implement Optimity. The implementation project has already...