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Production planning manufacturing environment

Best-in-class production scheduling – do you need it, and what are the benefits?

A best-in-class production scheduling solution can significantly boost operational efficiency, customer service and profitability. This post discusses what type of companies should consider investing in a production scheduling solution and the benefits that you can expect.

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Production Planning Manufacturing Environment

How to avoid the customer service trap

Many companies are stuck in the mindset that the only way to provide good customer service is by saying ‘yes’ to everything. But offering too much flexibility is costly and could restrict your ability to grow. Here’s how to operate more effectively and profitably while at the same time giving your customers the service they expect.

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Warehouse Optimization Optimity Software

5 reasons why concurrent supply planning is the way to go

The sooner you know, the sooner you can act. Persistent supply chain shocks and disruptions are forcing manufacturers to rethink their planning processes. This post discusses concurrent supply planning and how it helps build a more agile and resilient supply chain.

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Production Planning Optimity Software

Here's how to achieve best-in-class production planning

Best-in-class production planning can be the difference between a thriving business and one that struggles. But what does best-in-class look like, and how do you implement it? This article covers the systems and processes you need to put in place to get the absolute most from your manufacturing assets.

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Inventory Optimization - Optimity Software

Customer case: Solving common inventory problems

Are you tired of stockouts, late deliveries and people running around chasing backorders? This post looks at a company that used Optimity's automated inventory classification and safety stock optimization solutions to turn the corner.

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7 steps to better demand forecasting

A good demand plan provides the platform for a high-performance supply chain and guides both strategic decision making and financial planning. This post looks at seven critical considerations for demand planning success.

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Optimization: Enabling environmentally sustainable supply chains

This post looks at how supply chain optimization can support companies as they transition from linear supply chains to circular models, and how sustainability can be incorporated into the core business model.

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Supply Chain Optimization explained Optimity

Why is Supply Chain Optimization important

For any manufacturing or distribution company, planning is one of the most complex and critical parts of the business. This post explains how supply chain optimization works, why it’s superior to traditional planning approaches.

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Supply Chain Resilience - definition

With volatility here to stay, supply chain planning is all about resilience

It was only a year ago that business leaders and investors were trying to anticipate the next twist in the US-China trade negotiations. Meanwhile, in Europe, all eyes were on the UK-EU Brexit negotiations. Then came the pandemic...

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Machine Learning & Optimization in Supply Chain Planning - Optimity Software

Machine learning drives more accurate forecasting and better planning

Optimity's Pontus Stefanson discusses how Machine Learning is driving optimized decision-making and better forecasting in Supply Chain Effect Magazine

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Machine Learning in Supply Chain Planning Optimity Software

Machine Learning is redefining supply chain planning – here’s how

The machine learning era is here, and supply chain planning is one of the most relevant application areas for this technology. This post takes a look at the role of machine learning in supply chain planning and why now is the time to start embracing this game-changing technology.

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Planning Spreadsheet in Warehouse

Supply chain planners - why is it so hard to let go of planning spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are still widely used in supply chain planning and many planners rely solely on Excel. With so much to gain in terms of business performance and competitiveness, why is it so hard for companies to leave their spreadsheets behind and make the switch to a modern planning solution?

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Optimity Software- Optimizing logistics

How to optimize inbound logistics

A carefully-managed inbound logistics network is crucial to a smooth-running supply chain. Without a reliable flow of incoming goods, both customers and operations will suffer. Read how an Australian grocery importer optimized its inbound logistics.

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Optimity Webinar Digital S&OP at times of unrest

Why a digital S&OP process should be your top priority

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, manufacturers and distributors face demand and supply chain uncertainty on a scale never previously experienced. Here's why digitalizing your S&OP process should be a top priority.

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The importance of planning horizons and review meetings

Planning horizons & review meetings and why they matter in Supply Chain Planning. This post gives guidelines on how to define your planning horizons and which topics to cover in your review meetings.

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Connected Supply Chain - Optimity Software

3 important steps before implementing Strategic Supply Chain Planning

One of the most common reasons organizations struggle with strategic supply chain planning initiatives, is because they don’t fully understand the present situation. Here we take a look at three key areas that must be clearly defined in order to succeed.

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Distribution Planning Warehouse - Optimity Software

Inventory redistribution – when does it make sense?

Inventory redistribution can improve both margins and customer service, but only if used properly. Here we take a closer look at Inventory Optimization, and why this technology offers a superior alternative to traditional DRP.

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Supply Chain Planning for the food & beverage - Optimity Software-Bakery

10 things food and beverage companies should look for when choosing a planning tool

Food and beverage companies operate some of the most challenging supply chains in business. We’ve compiled a list of must-have capabilities for your planning solution.

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Money Ball image - Moneyball your supply chain

How to 'Moneyball' your Supply Chain

Moneyball is one of those “true story” baseball movies, and a great one at that. But it’s not about baseball – it’s about data – and about using data in the right way to get an incredible outcome. The “Moneyball’ philosophy has had a massive impact on professional sports, and the principles will be game-changing for business as well, and in particular will have a profound impact on how you manage and plan your supply chain.

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Patrik Fardow - Supply Chain Effect Magazine article

By mastering logistics you can manage almost any aspect of a company

Patrik Färdow – COO of Orkla Foods Group talks about the challenges faced by consumer goods manufacturers, why speed and agility are so critical to supply chain planning, and the importance of not letting the quest for the perfect plan get in the way of timely execution.

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Supply Planning Optimity Software

Is this the end of Material Requirements Planning (MRP)?

Why companies must look beyond MRP to Supply Chain Optimization for holistic, profit-driven planning.

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Thinking about Optimity? Here's what's involved....

At Optimity we use prototyping to make sure you’re fully informed before making your investment decision. Find out what’s involved and why prototyping before you buy is such a good idea.

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Sales & Operations Planning with Optimity Software

6 keys to successful strategic planning

This post takes a look at 6 key factors that will have a major impact on the success or failure of your strategic planning initiative.

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Supply Chain Optimization Explained Video - Optimity Software

Explained: Supply Chain Optimization in 2 minutes!

This 2 minute video shows how supply chain optimization works in practice and how it can transform your business.

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Sales & Operations Planning with Optimity Software

Are you suffering from S&OP churn?

The S&OP process should resolve most planning issues prior to the executive review, but the reality is often very different. Find out why, and how Integrated Business Planning can help you achieve your planning goals.

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Production Scheduling with Optimity Software

Balancing make-to-stock and make-to-order

Trying to find the balance between customer orders and managing your bottlenecks to avoid scheduling gaps? Find out how optimization will help you get it right.

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Supply Chain Planning for the dairy industry - Optimity Software

Best Practice Planning for the Dairy Industry

This post takes a close look at supply chain planning in the dairy industry. Find out about best practices and how to turn the dairy industry's unique planning challenges into a competitive advantage.

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Supply Chain Planning for the Poultry Industry Optimity

5 Considerations for "Balancing the Bird"

This post discusses the use of supply chain optimization in the poultry industry and a best practice for "Balancing the Bird". The post is also relevant to any business looking to optimize the use of a single input.

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Planning for profit in the food processing industry

A well-executed Integrated Business Planning process can bring significant benefits to the food processing industry. Find out what's involved.

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2 Key Symptoms of a Broken Planning Process

Is your planning process doing what it's supposed to? This post looks at two common symptoms of a broken planning process.

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